In January, we started a bi-weekly preschool playgroup program called Nature Play. Funded through Children First and the Family Friendly Coalition, our goal was to bring the outside in, and with a little help with our fish, we did just that.

Nature Play provides participants the opportunity to play and explore with natural elements, from digging in and pouring sand with sea shells and creating art with sticks and pine cones, to building towers with tree segments and painting with ice, every week had something new to explore. The most popular part of Nature Play, however, had to be the fish! Our tank full of cichlids was always hungry and seemed to enjoy the attention from everyone. And of course it was fun to find the girls with their orange bellies and the solitary one hiding in the pirate ship!

We had such a great time with Nature Play that we are going to continue it 3 seasons of the year. Look for Nature Play: Summer coming soon to a local park near you!


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