As of 6pm on October 31, 2017, Action BC transferred the operations of ABC Thrift Shop to the Northern Environmental Action Team (NEAT).  At 10am on November 1st, 2017, the doors opened as NEAT Finds Thrift Store.  This arrangement has made it possible for the store to continue operations instead of possibly closing its doors.  Action BC is excited to see the ideas that NEAT will bring to the store.

Action BC and NEAT are both Non Profit Charities with firm roots in Fort St. John.  When Action BC decided to take their services in a different direction, they approached NEAT about the possibility of taking over the thrift store.  Because this social enterprise fits with the mission and vision that NEAT has adhered to since 1989, it was an easy fit.    Action BC Resource and Referral Service Society will continue to operate their information and advocacy services.  Potential clients will be able to reach Action BC at or call 250-793-9418.

Ashlee Purcell, NEAT Finds store manager, and the returning staff look forward to continuing to serve their loyal customers and all of the Peace Region.  If you are interested in sales, promotions, and products at the thrift store, like and follow @NEATFindsThriftStore on Facebook or call the store at 250-787-1685.


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