The Northern Environmental Action Team (NEAT), a Fort St. John based non-governmental organization that empowers individuals, business and institutions to engage in environmentally sustainable practices, has announced it will launch a new social-enterprise branch of the organization on November 1st.  At that time, NEAT will purchase Action BC Resource and Referral’s ABC Thrift Store assets in Fort St. John and reopen the business, in the same location at 8238 100 Avenue, as the “NEAT Finds Thrift Shop”.

Every year, on average, each Canadian grants a second life to 76 products through buying, selling, trading and donating via the classifieds, local thrift shops and on-line media.  This recycling saves the average family of four up to $1,150 per year! Residents of the Peace have long known that buying consumer goods second hand is a smart thing to do and support for second-hand products is strong. Purchasing products second hand also has big environmental benefits by diverting goods from the landfill and reducing or eliminating transportation costs associated with similar new items. “Thrift shopping” benefits our economy and it keeps money that otherwise would have been spent on imports here at home.

“We are very excited by the opportunity that the NEAT Finds Thrift Shop” presents to support NEAT’s current programming and educational outreach, including solid waste reduction, recycling and questioning consumerism” said Colleen Brown, Chair of the NEAT Board of Directors. “We expect that this social enterprise will allow us to create a blended return on our investment, both financial and social and any profits will be returned to NEAT to further the mission and vision of the society, bringing a direct benefit to the communities we serve.”

Ashlee Purcell, the incoming NEAT’s Finds Thrift Shop manager said “I am excited for NEAT’s new adventure.  This will give NEAT the opportunity to offer more to the community of Fort St. John in the form of services and programs.  We hope to maintain some of the services that ABC was able to provide and add our own ideas to the mix.”

Donations are being accepted at the store during business hours.


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