1530049Holiday time in our house used to mean 2 little boys anxiously waiting each day to see if the postman was going to stop at our house with a package for them.  My boys are not so little anymore, and the postman doesn’t come to our house as much since the installation of our community mail boxes, but the anticipation is still there.  Now it means making a trip around the block to the mailbox and as we made our first trip to check this week we realized we hadn’t actually checked our mail in quite a while.  As a matter of fact, after a little discussion, my husband and I realized that it had been almost a month since we had made that trip, so you can imagine what we found once we did.  Piles and piles of junk mail – coupons, sales flyers and a myriad of other items that, frankly, we don’t even read.  And I bet you don’t either.  So I got to thinking about the amount of junk mail we Canadians receive.  I did a little research and found out that the average Canadian household receives 76 kg of junk mail each year. That is a lot of paper and a lot of trees!

So what can we do?  According to the Canada Post website, the solution is as simple as taping a note in your mail box that states that you would not like to receive Canada Post Neighborhood Mail.  An easy solution that has a big impact on the environment and leaves room in your mailbox for all the holiday wishes and packages you’re looking forward to getting this year.


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